Intangible assets result from the creative power of the human mind

Ideas, techniques and know-how represent the reputation and are the heart of a business. We help our clients to protect intangible values that help them stand out from their competitors. Intellectual property is crucial to fostering innovation, especially when that area of law is still under-developed in the country where it is applied.
We offer:
  • Conducting searches and consulting on availability for use and registration;
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting applications, including applications for the European Union;
  • Trademark EUTM and international applications under the Madrid System;
  • Maintaining registrations (trademark renewals);
  • Preparing, recording and negotiating assignments and license agreements;
  • Investigating and identifying infringements and infringers;
  • Negotiating and drafting settlement agreements;
  • Advising on litigation strategy and litigating disputes;
  • Providing opinions on trademark rights and infringement thereof;
  • Advising on trademark oppositions and cancellations;
  • Mediating disputes and negotiating related settlement;
  • Advising on conflicts between trademarks and company names and other business identifiers.
  • Designs
  • Conducting searches;
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting applications, including applications for Community Designs;
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements and providing related advice;
  • Maintaining design rights (annuities/renewals);
  • Providing opinions on validity of design rights;
  • Evaluating infringement allegations and providing legal opinion;
  • Litigating disputes.
  • Advising on all types of copyright/author’s rights subject matter;
  • Searching copyright records;
  • Advising on registration and proper use of copyright notices;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to creation, licensing, purchase or sale of copyright material;
  • Drafting work-for-hire and similar agreements, assignments, releases and related opinions;
  • Investigating and identifying infringements and infringers;
  • Providing opinions on copyright infringement;
  • Advising on litigation strategy;
  • Litigating disputes.
Data protection and privacy

As technologies and the business methods adopting them develop, data privacy is an area of increasing importance for all businesses. In a business context, this means customer lists, sales records, business contacts and extracts from research reports, when arranged in a systematic or methodical way so that they can be individually accessed, will be protected by database right.

We particularly advise in relation to:
  • compliance issues
  • international data transfers
  • data security
  • dealing with regulators
  • privacy related dispute resolution.