Turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a client’s perspective

As you might guess, having a lawyer can help prevent lawsuits. In reality, if you’re hiring an attorney after you’ve already been sued, there is a great probability that something went wrong and that you did not fulfill all conditions and obligations you were supposed to. Be proactive before a lawsuit occurs, get your legalities in order, and cover all of your bases. In order to protect our clients and provide tailored legal advice, we offer different, efficiency-driven collaboration technology models:

Workshop – Legal Process Improvement

Workshop is our new service to help in house-lawyers, directors and management of the company to identify the best approach and avoid uncertainty in their long- term decisions and everyday activities from the legal point of view and manage high demands of their stakeholders.  Workshop will break your project down into component parts and pinpoint the most effective way of legal functioning of each one. During an expertly facilitated workshop, led by experienced lawyers, the participants will learn how to recognize the essential areas of legal issues needed to be covered, avoid basic errors which invalidate contracts or cause confusion and wrong interpretation later, solve non-regulated legal issues considering the practice of Montenegrin institutions, network and interact with attendees to share experiences and learn about potential opportunities. The workshop can be held at your premises or ours, and key stakeholders in the success of your project, such as staff, suppliers or advisers, can all participate.

Lawyers on Demand

LOD are flexible extension of your team. We offer talented lawyers for times when you don’t need the infrastructure of a traditional law firm or the employee overhead. With our lawyers you can expand the capability and capacity of your team for just as long as you need. Whether you’re using our lawyers on a full-time, part-time or more flexible basis, we allow you to contain your costs with no compromise on quality.

LOD work just when needed, either at our premises, at your premises or remotely. Ideal cover for employee gaps, absences or longer projects. Perfect for contract overflow, project work or extra capacity when you need it most.

Specialist 3rd Parties

Independent advice is the most important factor in making real-world decisions for high value assets. When specialist is needed on routine, recurrent aspects of your work, and when value for money is essential, we will instruct and manage additional 3rd parties. Warranty claims, legal disputes, and maintenance problems are difficult to resolve when parties have a financial interest in the outcome. We cooperate with experts from the various industries: engineers, real estate experts, accountants. As a third-party specialist, they can provide an unbiased opinion and help make the right choices.